Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering


The accommodation of a modern ship combines many human functions:  office work, cooking & eating, sports, other forms of recreation and so on.
Specifically on the smaller vessels the amount of space is usually limited. A Human Factors design approach provides several smart and inventive solutions to increase the usability and practical quality of functional areas like:

  • cabins
  • offices
  • mess
  • galley
  • lounges
  • hospital
  • gym
  • stores
  • corridors & staircases

Example: sleeping on-board
An important function of the accommodation block is allowing people to have a good, uninterrupted period of sleep. This affects many aspects of the design and building quality of the accommodation, like cabin & corridor arrangement, sound insulation, separation of work-areas from cabin-areas, bed size and location, matrass quality, and so on. These aspects are usually affected by multiple design phases, and multiple design disciplines. As a consequence, the end result can be disappointing. A Human Factors design approach helps to keep focus on this subject throughout the entire design process.


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