Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering

Maritime Human Factors services

ErgoS Human Factors Engineering offers practical and efficient services to fleet owners, engineering contractors and shipyards, on each of the subjects in the list below – and more.
Contributions can take place in each phase of the project and vary from 4 to > 400 days per vessel. Having an internal team of 3D designers, ErgoS also offers state-of-the-art 2D and 3D modelling, visualization, animation and virtual reality deliverables:



  • Task analysis
  • Human Factors review of Building Specification
  • Human Factors review of General Arrangement
  • Human Factors review of design proposals from yard or suppliers
  • Human Factors rules & regulations compliance check
  • Verification and validation analysis, CRIOP
  • User Interface design / Interaction design
  • CCTV camera system design
  • Interior design, including selection of wheelmark approved materials
  • Color schemes for engine rooms and other technical spaces
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D animation
  • full size mockups (workplaces and control panels)

Ships bridge / wheelhouse


  • Bridge design
  • Bridge rules & regulations compliance check
  • Bridge class compliance check
  • Bridge Human Factors / Ergonomics
  • Bridge design user participation
  • Bridge shape / contour design
  • Bridge field-of-vision study (in 3D)
  • Bridge workplace arrangement
  • Bridge doors, windows and window wiper arrangement
  • Bridge wash platform design
  • Bridge detailed workplace design (including mock-ups)
  • Bridge detailed furniture design
  • Bridge operator chair & deck rails specification
  • Bridge inventory list
  • Bridge detailed console design
  • Bridge console controls & displays arrangement

ECR, control rooms and control cabins


  • ECR design
  • ECR rules & regulations compliance check
  • ECR class compliance check
  • ECR Human Factors / Ergonomics review
  • ECR design user participation
  • ECR workplace design
  • ECR detailed workplace design (including mock-ups)
  • ECR detailed furniture design
  • ECR inventory list
  • ECR detailed console design
  • ECR console controls & displays arrangement



  • Accommodation design
  • Accommodation rules & regulations compliance check
  • Routing and arrangement analysis
  • Cabin arrangement, design and optimisation
  • Galley design
  • Messroom design
  • Recreation room design
  • Gym design
  • Office design
  • Wayfinding plans



  • Deck arrangement rules & regulations compliance check
  • Human Factors optimisation of deck arrangement
  • Shelters

Be noted this list is not comprehensive: contact ErgoS HFE for more information.

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