Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering


A review of the Building Specification document (BS) and the General Arrangement drawing (GA) is usually the most efficient way of Human Factors intervention, in case the scope is limited.
During a review both documents are studied carefully, entirely from the perspective of the human operators. The basic question is: to what degree provides the vessels design a good environment for the crew to work and live on-board?
A review like this typically reveals a variety of results. Some examples:

  • bridge contour design is blocking the officers view
  • additional workplaces on the bridge are blocking the officers view
  • ECR is situated in a switchboard room (not an ideal work environment for human operators)
  • too much accommodation space is used for corridors
  • cabins are situated on same corridors as public spaces, causing sleeping problems
  • beds are not long enough to fit European sized crew
  • incorrect ratio between galley size and mess size
  • incorrect ratio between various cabin sizes
  • workplace desktop lacks sufficient leg space
  • etcetera.


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