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ErgoS Human Factors Engineering provides Engineering and Research for software, industry and shipping. This website provides an impression of our activities in the maritime sector. Our maritime HF professionals work in several areas:

  • Shipping (bridge, engine control room)
  • Oil & gas offshore industries
  • Vessel Traffic Control and Coast Guard Centres


Design and consultancy

Optimising collaboration between people and technology is a key factor for completing successful maritime projects. ErgoS provides excellent human factors engineering services. Practical information about our working methods can be found on the ‘Design and research’ page.


Validation & Verification

More and more a formal Human Factors review of control centre design and operator workplaces is required. A review shall be carried out by independent certified professionals. ErgoS offers several review services, including the CRIOP methodology (CRIOP). A scenario method for Crisis Intervention and Operability analysis.


Recent projects


  Van Oord marine contractor, has high ambitions for an innovative new fallpipe vessel “Bravenes”. ErgoS covers all Human Factors design issues, such as bridge shape design, operator consoles, ECR and excavator cabins.
Also we design the interior, including cabins, lounge, galley and mess.
  Anthony Veder is building a new LNG tanker. ErgoS has been contracted to design the bridge, ECR, cargo control room and crew accommodation.
  Van Oord is building two new trailing suction hopper dredgers in Spain. With a volume of 17.000m3 and a length of 158m these ships will strengthen the mid-class section of the dredger fleet. The vessels will be innovative in many ways. ErgoS is currently contributing to several aspects of the design process.
  Heerema marine contractors is building a new semi-submersible crane vessel in Singapore. It will be the largest ship of its kind. ErgoS is contracted to design and optimize the bridge contour, layout, workplace and instrument arrangement of this vessel.
  • Huisman Equipment invited ErgoS to evaluate the operating concept of their current Driller’s Cabins and develop a new and innovative Driller’s Cabin, including the User Interfaces of  the operating systems.

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